Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) uses statistics and mathematical models to detect patterns in historical data and learning algorithms to make predictions about new data. ML encompasses a range of methodologies and application areas, including:

Artificial Intelligence
Robotic Engineering
Software Bots

Machine Learning Webinars

AI adoption requires a lot of cross-team engagement and collaboration, but despite the large contribution to the global economy AI presents to...

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In a hyper competitive world, those companies that can attain greater control, resilience and predictability with their supply logistics will realize a significant...
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Take a look at 10 real-world use cases that demonstrate how AI and ML are already being used in the oil and gas industry, and how AI innovation can help renew the...
Image for AI in the Insurance Industry: 26 Real-World Use Cases
Discover what the future of insurance holds and how AI innovation can be used to hit the mark even more precisely.
Image for Machine Learning and Why It Matters
Read the basics and essential concepts that help define machine learning and its new important role in business as we know it.

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